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Dådran in Dalarna


Dådran is a former iron works village in Rättviks parish, Dalarna county. Dådrans works is situated about 40 kilometers east of Rättvik on the most southern tip of Ljugaren's lake. Dådran, built in 1804, was bought in 1878 by the Kopparbergs and Hofors Mills to be incorporated into the so called Ockelbo works. Activity around the works stopped in 1915 but the old blacksmith still excists today (althouh not is operational mode). Today there is a small thriving community with the old works chapel (built 1847), the old nail forge, works manor, park and an old traditional "kägelbana" which is a form of local bowling.


The lake Ljugaren, that the village is located at, is most famous for the "Vasa stone" where "Gustav Vasa" (the then next Swedish king) is told hid from the danish soldiers in 1521 when the Danish king Kristian "The Tyrant" Hansson was trying to stop him from mounting an insunrgance agains the then Danish ruling king (1521-1522). Gustav Vasa succeded and Sweden was back in Swedish hands and was made king of Sweden.




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