90 m2
TV, Sofa bed, Diningtable
1200 m2
Fully Equipped
Shower/WC, Sauna
Bedroom 1
1 Doubble bed
Wood, All seasons
Bedroom 2
1 Bunk bed
2 singel beds
Livingroom 1 Sofa bed
Not Allowed Inside
Small cabin 1 Bunk bed
Sauna, 2-TV's, Satellite Dish, Radio & CD, Video, Dish wacher, Laundry Machine, Micro, Fridge, Freezer, Electric Stowe, Coffe maker, Vaccume cleaner, Outdoor fish preparation area, Electrical heating/Aircon, Outdoor furniture, Grill, Varmwater heater

Following items are not awaiable in the house:
Bed sheets, Blanket cover, Pillowcase (Can be rented seperatly)
Kitchen paper

Distance to points of interest in the area
200 / 500 m
Jetty / Beach
250 m
13 / 20 / 40 km
Bingsjö / Enviken / Rättvik
20 / 40 km
Enviken / Rättvik
20 / 40 km
Enviken / Rättvik
Closest cities
13 / 20 / 40 / 50 km
Bingsjö / Enviken / Rättvik / Falun

Dådran is a former iron works village in Rättviks parish, Dalarna county. Dådrans works is situated about 40 kilometers east of Rättvik on the most southern tip of Ljugaren's lake. Dådran, built in 1804, was bought in 1878 by the Kopparbergs and Hofors Mills to be incorporated into the so called Ockelbo works. Activity around the works stopped in 1915 but the old blacksmith still excists today (althouh not is operational mode). Today there is a small thriving community with the old works chapel (built 1847), the old nail forge, works manor, park and an old traditional "kägelbana" which is a form of local bowling.


The lake Ljugaren, that the village is located at, is most famous for the "Vasa stone" where "Gustav Vasa" (the then next Swedish king) is told hid from the danish soldiers in 1521 when the Danish king Kristian "The Tyrant" Hansson was trying to stop him from mounting an insunrgance agains the then Danish ruling king (1521-1522). Gustav Vasa succeded and Sweden was back in Swedish hands and was made king of Sweden.

Other areas close by with lots of activities are:
Rättvik with their many concerts, theaters, classic car week and music happenings.
Bingsjö which is most famous for their annual meeting of folk musicians from all over the world.
Skiing in the winter is also very popular, both cross country and downhill.

Bingsjö (13km)
Bingsjö has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of people playing and enjoying folk music and dance for more than thirty years. Bingsjöstämman represents the essence of the concept of "folk music" - The vast open spaces with natural meeting grounds together with the small stages invites to informal meetings between amateurs and professionals, beginners and elite musician. The party, the spontaneous play and dance around the clock, allows for spontaneity and improvisation. An ancient village environment with low timber houses and winding village streets are also doing their part to create an evocative atmosphere. There is no fenced area, meetings takes place all over the village, with the surrounding forest and mountains as the only and natural boundary.
Rättvik (40km)

A fantastic countryside that invites visitors and residents to "browse" among the variety of experiences that erbjuds.Take a "loooong" walk at the Long Bridge, look at the expanse of Vidablick or makes an enchanting visit at Spring Source and Naughty Rapids. See how a disused limestone quarry Dalhalla turned into one of Europe's most renowned music venues or take a tour of our village farms and pastures. A boat trip on Lake Siljan or Ljugaren or even a trip to rural churches. Close to Rättviks's church is Stjänrhöökens and Wasa stone and the small church stables with its interesting history. Take a look at our attractions both in reality and on our website.


Welcome to visit our beautiful region that extends from the silence of our pristine nature to the festival of music and dance. There is a lot of nature, cultural and sightseeing to experiense in Rättviks municipality. The Vaasa stone where king Gustav Vasa hid from the Danes, Orbergs caves, bathe in the cleanest water that you can drink in the lake Ljugaren or ice skate in winter, fish in the lakes Ljugarn and Siljan. There are many other natural and cultural heritage of the area just waiting to be explored. Revel in the power of nostalgia, enjoy music and singing in the unlikely setting as the international music scene Dalhalla, explore our unique cultural heritage during a visit to a living mountain. Meet traditional folk costumes and dances, Dalarna unique paintings, crafts, church boat rowing and folk music.

Hike or bike along Siljan trail, ride on the steamer Agnes Ljugaren, visit the Vasa stone, see Orbergsgrottorna or maybe a dizzying ride on the luge track, an action-packed journey in the ski slopes or a relaxing baddag at Siljan beach. A round of golf or a canoe trip, live like a Viking for a day or take a ski trip - offering year-round habitation on the experiences you remember.


Bingsjöstämman- Summer - Folk Music and Dance
Classic Car Week- Summer - Nostalgia of old cars
Dalhalla- June-September - Music, Performances, Shows (Rhapsody in Rock, The musical Cats, Madame Butterfly and more)
Musik vid Siljan- First week in July - during the first week in July each year invite the Music at Lake Siljan all music lovers to a packed festival weeks
Motorcross- May to October - Orsa Boda MK Motocross track offers many exciting contests
Rättviks ridklubb- Year-round - for the horse interested
SiljanGameFair- August - "A real hunting trade show" with exhibitors, activities and lectures on particular hunt & all around
Dalatravet- Orsa - April to October - For those who like horse racing racetrack Dala has much to offer. For more information on other sights as Fäbodarna, Hembygdsgårdar, Museer, Kyrkor, Vattenfallet Styggforsen, Slalombackar, Hiking trails, Swimming, Ångbåtsturer, Turistbyrånand another that is near Dådran in Rättvik you find here or search about other activites in the area. English info can be found here.

The supply of fish in Rättvik is great and there are many places to fish in a great variety of types of fishing. You can fish in lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Orsa, Boda, Dådran and Ore waters offer a rich collection of small ponds like Klovtjärn and Öraltjärn to lakes like Ljugaren and Siljan. Not to mention Ore river with its outlet through Öre lake and Skattungen.


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